Big Page of Resources

General Linguistics:

Resources and Materials for Classroom Application:

CMSes and SNSes

Wikis and Collaborative Tools

Major Journals:

Readeo Language Immersion for Chrome Diigo Storybird Videos on Education and Technology:

This website recently added a link to another site which is worth the visit: Skype and Realtime Video Chat:

  • Around the World in 80 Classrooms
  • Google Plus

Classroom Management, Feedback, and Decision Making:

Thoughts and Musings on the Future of Tech:

  • Devices of Change, What’s to Come:

AV Resources


  • –ESL podcast for intermediate and advanced students who want to improve their English speaking and listening skills.
  • Teachercast Podcasting currently has 102 podcasts, focusing on topics such as learning management systems (Schoology), teaching students to broadcast, how to make your own (the students’ own) podcasts and different apps such as Jing, Camtasia and Polyvision.
  •  – Edutalk is intended to share experiences about education, using mobile and web technologies. It is a great site where educators (mainly) publish postcasts on the use of technology in classes. It is worth a visit.

Other interesting sites:

Recording Websites

  • Vocaroo – audio recording
  • Skype Video Recorder – website to download the video recorder app
  • Voxopop – audio recorder
  • Voki – create an avatar and record with a microphone or text to speech in various languages
  • Lingt
  • Evoca – Speaking tests, use phonelines. 6.95 per month
  • Chirbit – Audio recording, management and publishing system. Appears to be free. Has an iOS app for 99¢.
  • Audioboo –
  • CLEAR RIAs – Center for Language Education and Research at Michigan State University’s Rich Internet Applications.


Video/Multimedia Creation

Digital Storytelling

Resources for ELLs and ESL learners

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Concept Mapping/Mind Mapping


Online Language Learning Tools:

Weblogs, Blogs, and Vlogs

Blog Creation Resources


Other Free Resources

  • – Allows narration of photos.
  • Wordfoto – iPhone app to make “tag cloud” like photos from words.
  • Mentormob – This site allows people/educators to create 4-step learning playlists. This enables teachers to provide students with resources without the extra visual distraction of having to search for it themselves or see related content (such as in Youtube) since the resources show up within the MentorMob framework. You can even assign different playlists to different groups of students for differentiation, create challenges for each resource (ex. see how many words you can identify in the following clip), and create pop quizzes that can be analyzed. The playlists can be embedded in the teacher’s blog, allowing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for resources across the web (or uploaded from your computer).

Tools for learning/ Reinforcement (better title?)

  • – classroom management tool, that you can put on a large class screen, iOS product, laptop, etc. Awesome reserouce for quickly tracking, rewarding and reminding classes about learning behaviors. EX: remember to speak English, etc. You can edit the behaviors you want to reward. It works best for beginner or younger students.
  • – according to the website, the tool has two goals: “making classrooms more interactive and giving students an opportunity to voice their confusion anonymously” – if you know about clickers in the classroom, then you can see this is a free alternative that makes use of the students’ Smartphones rather than having them buy clickers – I think the clicker makers have just been put out of business!

Digital Journal Collections

Books on Educational Technology

  • Empower English Language Learners with Tools from the Web, by Langer de Ramirez, L. (2010)

The Flipped Classroom

 More on the Flipped Classroom  (From the ): How the Flipped Classroom is Radically Transforming Learning by Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams Are you Ready to Flip? by Dan Spencer, Deb Wolf, and Aaron Sams “The Flipped Class: What it Is and What it is Not” by Jon Bergmann, Jerry Overmyer and Brett Wilie “The Flipped Class: What Does a Good One Look Like?” by Brian Bennett, Jason Kern, April Gudenrath and Philip McIntosh Private School Math Teacher Flips Learning by Stacey Roshan Websites:   RSS Readers

Language Immersion for Chrome: Code-switching reading app.


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