This is an assessment of Threering adapted and extended from a classmates post in APLING678 at UMass Boston.


  • Cloud-based tool reduces risk of lost work.
  • It’s free! (at least for now)
  • It works on a variety of devices (Android, iOS, computer), increasing accessibility for students.
  • The site/app are very intuitive in their design with little to no learning curve.
  • Teachers can create student and parent accounts so that they can view the work of that specific student.
  • Teachers can add private notes on each submission, allowing them to document growth.
  • The minimalist layout makes the information very readable to pleasing to the eye.
  • Especially great for art classes, as students can photograph their work for documentation without keeping the physical work.
  • Also allows easy audio recordings, so it could be beneficial for documenting oral communicative activities (even in groups).
  • All work is consolidated in one place, making it easy for teacher to review a classes’ work/individual student growth
  • Uploading work via the mobile app is very easy, just take a picture, then click on the appropriate (class, student- teacher account) tags.

As far as I can tell, here are the ‘cons’:

  • The portfolios are managed by the teacher, so if a student moves away and/or the teacher deletes their account at the end of the year, the student’s portfolio ceases to exist. I am looking for an approach which allows students to keep/maintain their portfolios beyond my course, so this is probably makes it a ‘no-go’ for me. 😦
  • Tags are teacher-generated ahead of time, which prevents spontaneous tagging for new topics. It would be nice to have the option of adding tags while uploading work.

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